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At Millway Dental, our dedicated team of health-care professionals continue to provide you and your family with the excellent services you deserve both at the clinical and administrative levels. Our dental clinic is NOT insurance driven. Our team of providers recommend treatments as per your individual needs and wants and NOT based on what insurance companies pay.

Meanwhile, as a friendly reminder, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that as per our provincial regulatory bodies (RCDSO and ODA), patients are ultimately responsible for their financial obligations in terms of paying for their dental services rendered at the dental offices in Ontario.

This simply means that if you have dental benefits, portions of the fees for the dental services may NOT be covered by your insurance and you are responsible to pay the balance that is NOT covered. These balances are called “co-payments” and cannot be waived and are due at the time when services are rendered. Also, for any services that is NOT covered under your dental plan, you are 100% responsible for the payments. (See no 3 below).

Our administrative team are more than happy to help you with the following services and note that ANY admin fees for these services incurred will be waived as a professional courtesy:

1-Preparing and submitting before treatment estimate of costs also known as “pre-determination” to your insurance. We strongly encourage you to follow up with your insurance in due time to find out about the response to pre-determinations and inform our office. Please note that insurance companies do NOT provide the responses directly to dental offices. We also encourage you to contact our admin team ahead of your scheduled appointment(s) if you are unsure of the coverage and to request a pre-determination submission.

2-Submitting electronic claims (EDI) to your insurance on your behalf also known as “Direct Billing”. This service facilitates the receiving of the payments from your insurance.

3-Arranging a financial payment plan to help you receive the services you need in time while and you can pay back your balance within 90 days from the time of service. This 90-day-period arrangement is interest free, but must be coordinated prior to your schedule appointment(s).

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