January 2, 2023

Do you presume your child’s first dental visit will proceed smoothly without tantrums or need bribery? If so, you may have a pipe dream because taking your kid for their first dental checkup will likely send panic down your spine.

Taking children or a preschooler is not a task many parents find comfortable. In contrast, children’s dental visits are daunting because anxiety and discomfort are natural to them. When you expose them to the pediatric dentist near me working with strange instruments, your child can become anxious like you and want to jump out of the dentist’s chair. Therefore when you schedule your kid’s appointment with the pediatric dentist, you must start preparing them for the big occasion when you take them to the dental practice, and the dentist takes over looking at your child’s teeth and mouth for anomalies.

How Soon Are Children’s Dental Appointments Essential?

The nearby pediatric dentist recommends children should start dental visits no later than six months after their first tooth emerges or by 12 months. When taking children to the children’s dentist in Mississauga, they can give you information on infant feeding practices, baby bottle tooth decay, mouth cleaning, teething, pacifier and finger-sucking habits.

Don’t expect your child to come prepared for the visit because they don’t know what to expect. Instead, please use the following tips for the preparation to ensure you don’t endure anxiety during your child’s dental visit.

Prepare Your Child:

Explain to your child why dental visits are essential and try to build excitement and understanding in them. Give the preschooler or older child a general idea of what to expect without trying to get into the details of pediatric dentistry. If possible, arrange an appointment with the Mississauga children’s dentist in the morning because young children are fresh and alert.

Prepare Yourself:

  1. When scheduling your kid’s appointment, discuss any questions in your mind and concerns with the pediatric dentist.
  2. Remember, you might have different feelings about dental visits than your child.
  3. Explain your view of the dentist honestly.

If dental anxieties affect you, do not try to relate the fears to your child. You are responsible for providing moral support by remaining calm while in the dentist’s exam room. Your child can pick up your anxieties and become anxious if you display your fears before them.

Prepare the Dentist:

When you visit pediatric dentistry Mississauga to schedule an appointment for your kid, give the dentist your child’s entire medical history. If the kid needs a restoration like filling a cavity, provide information to the dentist about whether your child is likely to be stubborn, defiant, anxious or scared in such situations. It helps to keep watching your child’s response because some behaviors are age-related.

For example, between 10 to 24 months, securely attached children might become anxious when taken for a dental exam by the dentist. In addition, children might find it challenging to cope with a brief separation at three years. Beyond three years, children might become anxious when having minor procedures like getting cavities filled. After four years, most children sit comfortably in another room from their parents during dental exams or other procedures.

Using the tips mentioned above helps you and your child to start visiting children’s dentists and get acquainted with the pediatric dentist needing 30 to 45 minutes for a complete dental exam, including evaluation of the child’s bite, gums, Jaws, and the development of their oral cavity. The exams also include a cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, and stains developing on the child’s teeth by polishing them.

Children’s teeth are expected to fall out a six or seven, making x-rays nonessential. However, if your child has tooth decay, the pediatric dentist might recommend x-rays to diagnose the condition based on your child’s age. X-rays also help detect the roots of a jammed baby tooth, hindering the eruption of an adult tooth. However, pediatric dentists think children don’t need x-rays until they have any conditions in their mouth that are not visible to the naked eye.

Pediatric dentists can and will ensure that your child’s teeth and gums remain optimal by identifying issues in the child’s mouth and treating them before they aggravate. Your child can also get preventive measures like dental sealants and fluoride treatments to ensure they can clean their teeth without challenges and develop stronger tooth enamel to battle against cavities. However, preparing your child before their first dental visit is essential to get acquainted with the dental practice and the pediatric dentist to receive preventive or necessary treatments whenever required.

Millway Dental suggests children receive dental exams and cleanings every six months, similar to adults. If you intend to take a child for their first dental appointment to this practice, consult with our dentist in advance on preparing your child for the appointment.

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