November 1, 2021

Are you contemplating getting braces for teeth straightening? Would you like to prepare yourself to get the best results for yourself and your smile? You may have many questions to ask your orthodontist during your consultation. However, collecting some information beforehand will not harm you but make it easier to continue life with braces over your teeth.

How to Prepare for Braces?

When preparing for orthodontic treatment with braces, you have to decide between traditional metal braces or ceramic braces to straighten your teeth. Both types of braces deliver similar results helping you straighten your teeth and have a beautiful smile.

First of all, schedule an appointment with your dentist for routine dental exams and cleanings near you because your orthodontist needs your teeth and gums in healthy condition before fitting the braces. Before you head to the orthodontist’s office, thoroughly brush your teeth and floss to keep your gums in the best possible condition on the day of getting the braces.

Eating before Braces

After you get braces, certain foods are restricted for the duration of the treatment. Depending on your unique situation, the treatment may last from under a year to over three years. Therefore satisfy your desire of having chewy foods, hard nuts, crunchy fruits and vegetables and popcorn before you get the braces over your teeth. You do not have to overeat any of the foods mentioned but satisfy your desire to make sure you can refrain from having them after the chosen braces are fitted on your teeth.

What to Do Before Your Appointment with the Orthodontist?

Before your appointment with the orthodontist to get the traditional or clear braces on your teeth, try to settle your nerves to ensure your appointment proceeds smoothly. Firstly start by cleaning your teeth thoroughly to remove any plaque buildup after your last meal before the appointment. Second, capture a selfie showing off your teeth before the treatment because it allows you to see how your smile changes as you progress with the treatment. Third, run your tongue over your teeth to feel the smoothness because it will be the first thing you do after your braces come off.

Time Required to Get Braces

The time required for the orthodontist to fix braces on your teeth is approximately 45 to 60 minutes. However, some procedures require fewer than 30 minutes because every treatment varies with the nature of the therapy. After conditioning your teeth, the orthodontist applies an oral adhesive to your teeth, and the braces are also treated with the same sealant before fixing your teeth. After setting the braces, the orthodontist will connect each tooth with wires.

The Technique for Fixing Braces on Your Teeth

The technique for fixing braces on your teeth is similar to what we described earlier. The orthodontist begins by thoroughly cleaning and drying your teeth and securing brackets to each tooth depending on whether you have selected metal or ceramic braces using a unique bonding adhesive. Next, the orthodontist slides metal bands behind your back molars to secure the brackets. Finally, archwires with small rubber bands called ligatures are affixed to the brackets. If you have chosen lingual braces to keep them hidden in your mouth, the process for having them is similar, but the braces are attached to the lingual surfaces of your teeth.

You have a choice of different braces you can select from when you discuss your treatment with the orthodontist. If you desire to display a colorful appearance, you can choose braces colors that the orthodontist in Mississauga, ON, will accommodate for you. So long as your goal remains to straighten your teeth to get rid of the dental infections bothering you and have a beautiful smile, you can choose any color you want to have over your teeth.

Life with Braces

After getting braces fitted on your teeth, you must make minor changes to your everyday behavior to ensure the treatment progresses smoothly. Given below are some habits you can start after your appointment to keep yourself away from the orthodontist’s chair until your next meeting.

  • Expect some discomfort from the braces for about a week as you adjust to the orthodontic appliance in your mouth. Keep some over-the-counter painkillers handy to alleviate the pain.
  • Eating crunchy and hard foods is challenging with braces, but you will find soft foods safer for orthodontic appliances. In addition, you can find a range of soft foods that complement your new braces.
  • Food particles have a sneaky habit of getting trapped between your braces to create havoc with the health of your teeth and gums. Therefore start brushing after every meal, ensuring you use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
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